Kazel Podcast

Welcome to the “ Kazel Podcast ”! I am delighted to welcome you to my audio universe dedicated to entrepreneurship, professional retraining and well-being. If you're looking for practical advice, inspiring stories and tips for a successful career transition, you've come to the right place.

On the podcast, I share my personal experience and that of my guests who have also decided to change their lives to live from their passion.

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In addition to Kazel Podcast, I have had the privilege of being a guest on other shows and podcasts, where I have shared my experiences and my passion for entrepreneurship. If you're looking to learn more, feel free to explore the episodes where I was interviewed for some insightful insights.

  • Wanda's #saywhat Podcast - Take your spark and make it shine!

    What are the chances that you could move tomorrow and restart your life? Would you take the leap?
    Eloïse takes us on her journey to her new life.

  • Chad Damord FM Podcast | Radio CIBL 101.5

    We speak with Eloïse Laram, president and founder of Kazel, a young company dedicated to well-being, more precisely to naturopathy, personal development and mental health.

  • Women In Charge Podcast | EP01

    Exciting news! Women in Charge | EP01 has just launched.

    Our host, Sonia Tanoh speaks, with inspiring women Eloïse Laram, Sarah Güsten-Marr, and Marina Masvidal about their journeys, challenges, and achievements.