The founder

I am Eloïse Laram, the founder of the Kazel company. I grew up and lived in France before moving to Canada in January 2020 to have an international experience.

Despite an atypical background in communications, marketing, project management and other sectors of activity, entrepreneurship has always been obvious to me.

Numerous health problems, including digestive disorders, have in a certain way “forced” me to adopt the healthiest lifestyle possible, preferably using natural methods. So it was at the beginning of 2022 after having been very ill for several weeks due to covid, that I decided to completely change careers and take up a profession more aligned with my values.

What does Kazel mean?

Kazel's mission is to improve the well-being of each individual through the use of natural methods. For this heart project I wanted a name that was very representative and could create a strong impact.

But why KAZEL?
KAZEL is an acronym of initials of people who are dear to my heart:

  • K for Kelly: my sister who died in 2001 and took her own life due to mental health issues
  • A for Alexina
  • Z for Zélie: Alexina and Zélie were the two first names of my paternal grandmother who died in 2013. A strong woman who put the well-being of her children and grandchildren before herself
  • E loïse L aram: my own initials to pay homage to them and propel this heartfelt project.
  • Naturopathie


    To carry out this heartfelt project, I returned to school to soon become a Naturopath. My goal is to help you improve your health and lifestyle with a holistic approach.

    What is naturopathy 
  • Développement personnel

    Personal development

    Through stationery and digital tools, I help you organize your weeks, define your objectives or even discover educational content to combine relaxation, creativity and fun activities.